Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well the official countdown is on.

2 more days till baby.

Friday is THE day. Baby is very breech.... yes, I know! YIKES!! I'm not impressed either.

The doctor is planni
ng on trying to turn baby Friday morning if it works, she will induce me, if not, c-section....-ugh!

Lets just say this was NOT my plan at all! So I'm NOT impressed. Let's just say I"m scared... scared of the unknown.

This pregnancy has been a lot different than my last. I usually LOVE being pregnant, I'm usually not sick, and I have energy and feel great. Well, that was until I was about 7 months prego. I was having sharp pains on my left side of my lower stomach and was in a lot of pain. After many ultrasounds and tests
, they found that I have a separated pelvic bone.... NOT fun. VERY painful. This makes the whole left side of my body ache.
My lower back is trying to take on the weight and it is killing me. By the end of the day my left side of my body is pretty much numb, and to top it off baby is breech (very high into my ribs) so I have a hard time catching my breath and just breathing. So yes, this pregnancy has been hard.... harder than
with Makenna. Let's just say I'm not too fond of being pregnant anymore- such a love hate

I know I need to write somethings down about this pregnancy so I don't forget.

Things about this pregnancy:

1. Being pregnant with a 3 1/2 year old is a whole new experience. I get daily updates from Makenna onhow BIG my belly is getting and questions like "why does it take so long for baby to come?" and "it's gonna be a big baby mommy, your belly is SO big"! Just what I want to hear every day...

2. Makenna is the best little helper ever, she ismy personal "helper". Every morning she gets my slippers for me and puts them on so I don't have to bend over. She is SO willing to help pick up anything on the floor so I don't "squish" the baby. She even sweeps the floors!

3. Each day our baby receives never ending kisses and hugs and songs from Makenna. Let's just say she is SO excited to be a big sister... it just takes too long for her liking.

4. I really enjoyed being pregnant in the Summ
er, as I wasn't too far along yet. I always feel better when I have a nice tan and painted toe nails.
Wearing light shirts, eating way to many freezes and living in a bathing suit hanging out at the beach with my toes in the sand is a pretty good way to be prego all s
ummer long.

5. I can't get enough of Peanut Buster Sundays... DQ I LOVE YOU! Let's just say anything chocolate and ice-cream made me feel great!

6. I decided to get Maternity Pictures taken this time, because I have like one picture of me prego with Makenna and I really wish I had more. It was SO fun and I will for sure do them again next time... that is if there is a next time. I posted some for you to check out.

7. FEARS-- yes, I can't help but worry about everything?? How I'm going to do things with 2 kids??!! I really don't know how people do it. If you have a secret please let me know! I'm just hoping I will be able to manage my time, so that nothing important gets over looked. I'm worried about Makenna-- will she still get all the love she needs? We have tried to prepare her for this baby as much as possible, I'm really hoping she adjusts well.

8. Oh, and I can't wait to be able to wear my jeans again... NO more spandex bands around the waist and trying to find things to "fit".

9. I will miss being able to enjoy chocolate and sweet late at night... just because I had a GOOD reason to justify eating it.

10. I have had a mad love this pregnancy for Apples and Vanilla Yougart and Caramel Sauce-- that's right all together--- TO DIE FOR YUMMY!

Will I miss being pregnant?? Maybe just a little, there is just something about being pregnant thay I really do love?! But it is now time to meet our sweet little baby. I'm certai
n the baby is a stubborn RED head... that would explain all my pregn
ancy problems! LOL

Well we are packed, clothes are washed, and all baby necessities are ready, we just need baby. As much as I want it to come, I don't. FEAR of the unknown is what eats away at me. I do know that things will all work out, I just need to have faith. Wish me luck... Next Post will be BABY!!


MaRea Hess said...

you look totally HOT! Can I please have your body at 10 months pregnant?!! Good luck, can't wait to see your new little one.

Kelli Olsen said...

The pictures are awesome! You and Makenna both look beautiful! Sorry, your having such a rough pregnancy! Good luck with everything. Can't wait to hear the news! Oh, and don't worry about Makenna getting all the love she needs...she will from this new baby! Its so amazing to watch siblings relationships grow and blossom!

Lashauna said...

Definitely a stubborn red head with all her own plans! Better throw the rule book out the window with this one. :)

Christal said...

seriously the prettiest prego pictures I have ever seen you are so pretty! and I love your boots where did you get them!! Cute pictures! and love her name now that she is here she is such a doll!! Your girls are so cute!