Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well the official countdown is on.

2 more days till baby.

Friday is THE day. Baby is very breech.... yes, I know! YIKES!! I'm not impressed either.

The doctor is planni
ng on trying to turn baby Friday morning if it works, she will induce me, if not, c-section....-ugh!

Lets just say this was NOT my plan at all! So I'm NOT impressed. Let's just say I"m scared... scared of the unknown.

This pregnancy has been a lot different than my last. I usually LOVE being pregnant, I'm usually not sick, and I have energy and feel great. Well, that was until I was about 7 months prego. I was having sharp pains on my left side of my lower stomach and was in a lot of pain. After many ultrasounds and tests
, they found that I have a separated pelvic bone.... NOT fun. VERY painful. This makes the whole left side of my body ache.
My lower back is trying to take on the weight and it is killing me. By the end of the day my left side of my body is pretty much numb, and to top it off baby is breech (very high into my ribs) so I have a hard time catching my breath and just breathing. So yes, this pregnancy has been hard.... harder than
with Makenna. Let's just say I'm not too fond of being pregnant anymore- such a love hate

I know I need to write somethings down about this pregnancy so I don't forget.

Things about this pregnancy:

1. Being pregnant with a 3 1/2 year old is a whole new experience. I get daily updates from Makenna onhow BIG my belly is getting and questions like "why does it take so long for baby to come?" and "it's gonna be a big baby mommy, your belly is SO big"! Just what I want to hear every day...

2. Makenna is the best little helper ever, she ismy personal "helper". Every morning she gets my slippers for me and puts them on so I don't have to bend over. She is SO willing to help pick up anything on the floor so I don't "squish" the baby. She even sweeps the floors!

3. Each day our baby receives never ending kisses and hugs and songs from Makenna. Let's just say she is SO excited to be a big sister... it just takes too long for her liking.

4. I really enjoyed being pregnant in the Summ
er, as I wasn't too far along yet. I always feel better when I have a nice tan and painted toe nails.
Wearing light shirts, eating way to many freezes and living in a bathing suit hanging out at the beach with my toes in the sand is a pretty good way to be prego all s
ummer long.

5. I can't get enough of Peanut Buster Sundays... DQ I LOVE YOU! Let's just say anything chocolate and ice-cream made me feel great!

6. I decided to get Maternity Pictures taken this time, because I have like one picture of me prego with Makenna and I really wish I had more. It was SO fun and I will for sure do them again next time... that is if there is a next time. I posted some for you to check out.

7. FEARS-- yes, I can't help but worry about everything?? How I'm going to do things with 2 kids??!! I really don't know how people do it. If you have a secret please let me know! I'm just hoping I will be able to manage my time, so that nothing important gets over looked. I'm worried about Makenna-- will she still get all the love she needs? We have tried to prepare her for this baby as much as possible, I'm really hoping she adjusts well.

8. Oh, and I can't wait to be able to wear my jeans again... NO more spandex bands around the waist and trying to find things to "fit".

9. I will miss being able to enjoy chocolate and sweet late at night... just because I had a GOOD reason to justify eating it.

10. I have had a mad love this pregnancy for Apples and Vanilla Yougart and Caramel Sauce-- that's right all together--- TO DIE FOR YUMMY!

Will I miss being pregnant?? Maybe just a little, there is just something about being pregnant thay I really do love?! But it is now time to meet our sweet little baby. I'm certai
n the baby is a stubborn RED head... that would explain all my pregn
ancy problems! LOL

Well we are packed, clothes are washed, and all baby necessities are ready, we just need baby. As much as I want it to come, I don't. FEAR of the unknown is what eats away at me. I do know that things will all work out, I just need to have faith. Wish me luck... Next Post will be BABY!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reggie's Wedding

Well, these posts are really out of order- Sorry!!

I just have to post pictures of my Brothers Wedding!!
It was SO SO beautiful. He got married in September to the most AMAZING girl, we just LOVE her. It's so nice to finally have a sister in law! Aren't they the most beautiful couple ever... they were stunning!! I was so blessed to be apart of their special day.
Enjoy the picture overload, sorry
there are in the wrong order, but you get the jist!


Well, this year Makenna was a little Batarina!-- to clarify that is a Bat and a Ballerina in one. She got to wear her costume three times. To dance class, pre-school and trick or treating. She loved being able to wear make-up and wanted LOTS of it on with tons of sparkles... oh boy it's already begun, she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror. She loved everything about Halloween. We went trick or treating in Stirling this year with Makenna's cousin Shaylee. Makenna could have gone ALL night long, she just kept asking "one more house?" I wasn't able to do too much on Halloween, walking house to house about killed me so I hung out with my sister at her place while Joel did his daddy duties and walked to EVERY house!!

Catching Up...


Thats right my little Makenna started Pre-School in September. She LOVES it! She goes Tuesday, Thursday Mornings... these are wonderful days for both of us!! She can't wait to tell me all about her day and show me her "crafts". Hurray for Pre-School! This is her Pre-School "pose", as she calls it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, BABY!!

That's right baby #2 is on it's way!!!

We are more than thrilled to be expecting another baby..... GIRL!!
on November 16th/2010
Makenna is SO SO excited to be a big sister and
can't wait for her little baby sister to arrive.
I'm 18 1/2 weeks along and feeling GREAT!
We feel SO blessed to have another sweet baby join our family.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shaving my legs....

Well Makenna loves to have showers. She could seriously be in the shower till her skin is all wrinkled. On Sunday morning she was in the shower doing her thing, while I was busy getting ready and Joel was ironing his Sunday shirt. She had been in the shower for at least 30 mins now.

This is why Joel loves being in a house with just girls:

Joel: "Makenna it's time to get out of the shower we are going to be late for church."

Makenna's response: "Leave me alone, I"m shaving my legs!!!"

And that was that! Hmmm I wonder where she has heard that from. LOL

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine today we sure are!

The landscaping is in progress! Yeah!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seriously, I know...

Yes, it has been forever!! I'm such a slacker with this "blogging". Life is SO busy and crazy I feel like I hardly have time to shower let along blog! Why now?? Well I"m not able to do any office work this afternoon because the computers are down so here I am updating instead of a lot of other things I could be doing on my list; and I'm tired of getting bugged to update my blog! :)

I really love to check all of your blogs.
SO many of you are amazing writers and have such wonderful and inspiring things to write about. So to be honest I just feel like I can't keep up to all of you!! So I will attempt to update my blog as soon as I get more than two minutes to myself.

Well a lot has happened since my last update....

First-- our addition on our home is DONE!! Well it has been done since December and we LOVE the space but on the downside--- SO much
more cleaning! What was I thinking wanting another bathroom?? LOL Pictures to come as soon as I get time....

Second-- We went on our 1st vacation in March.... HAWAII!! It was SO SO SO amazing, and thanks to GREAT amazing grandparents we were able to leave our
little one at home. When we got married well almost 8 years ago we we
were going to Hawaii on our honeymoon but we decided to buy
our home
instead... man I hate being responsible sometimes!! So this vacation was our honeymoon.
We can't wait to go back it was so amazing!!

Third-- Our little monkey Makenna turned the big 3! Makenna has been such a JOY in our lives.
She is SO much like her dad it's scary!! LOL We just can't get enough of her sweet and spicy personality!

Fourth-- We are just waiting for this CRAZY weather to go AWAY so we can get landscaping the backyard. I can't wait until I can send Makenna outside to play. My amazing hubby installed video cameras outside so I can see everything going on while I'm working away in my office. I also can't wait to get a cute patio set for my deck and well my list is very long....!!!

Fifth-- EASTER!! Makenna loves Easter SO SO much. She loved coloring eggs with her daddy
hunting for eggs that the Easter Bunny left and she couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny left her a basket full of goodies.... she was thrilled!

Watch out Easter Bunny you may have some competition!

Sixth--We are just loving life and are SO grateful to have such a wonderful healthy happy family. We have been blessed with such amazing friends, who have helped us more then they will every know. Oh and we are so excited to finally be having a wedding in the family. Reggie my brother FINALLY popped the question to the most amazing girl ever!! The wedding is in September and Makenna is a flower girl and I'm one of the bridesmaids... so excited!!

Makenna started swimming lessons-- she is such dare devil!! Of course she is in a class with all boys-- figures! She bosses them all around and shows them all up with her "skills" as her dad would say. Check out her "form"! She has NO FEAR for anything, her dad loves it but it scares me a little bit. She is her dad's shadow and will do ANYTHING for her "Joel David"-- yes she loves to call her dad that.... hmmm wonder were she heard it from??!

Oh and she got her ears pierced!!
She was so brave and strong... and she loves them!!

Well that's it!! Don't worry there is lot's more to come.... I promise to make things a lot more interesting from now on.